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Build it out of something more substantial!

May 24th, 2008
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Probably about 8 years ago, Prof. Colin Pillinger went on the old Channel 4 breakfast show ‘The Big Breakfast‘ to pimp the concept of Beagle 2. He had a rough a ready model of a lander - which presenter Johnny Vaughn noticed was made of cardboard.  ”When we get the budget, we’ll make it out of something more substantial” remarked Colin.  In the spirit of cardboard models, I thought I’d put together a prop for Sunday night’s Mars Live coverage.  There are no models of Phoenix that I can find, but there was a card cut-out-and-glue model of the Mars Polar Lander cruise stage.   I had a bit of a go, the end result is fairly crap to be honest, but hey - when we get the budget, I’ll build it out of something more substantial

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