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39 years ago

July 21st, 2008
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July 21st (in this country) 1969 - A human put a boot-print on a place other than Earth.  The Sea of Tranquility, on our moon.   Go outside and look at it.  A big brilliant white ball that hangs in our skies at night.  There’s a small round grey patch, just left of centre, just above the equator.  That is Mare Tranquilitatis.  There, 39 years ago, a man climbed down a ladder, stood, for a moment, on the one of the spacecrafts footpads - stuck the toe of one boot into the grey shadowed soil, then his whole foot, and then picked up his other foot and stood - for the first time - on another body.  He and a colleague spent a few short hours walking around, taking photographs, collecting samples, before climbing back into the spacecraft, launching back into orbit, rendezvousing with their faithful friend, and coming home.

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Nom de PLUME : A Cubesat for Leicester

July 20th, 2008
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I love Cubesats.  10 x 10 x 10 cm, 1kg, student lead projects to get actual spaceflight experience.  Compare those numbers to a satellite such as Envisat which is more than 8200 kg, and 10m x 5m, with a 25m solar array.   As a motorsport fan, Cubesats come from the Colin Chapman / Lotus school of thought - Simplify, and add lightness. You can even buy a kit that does many of the basics for you.

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