March 10th, 2016

Born in Chester, raised first in the wirral then further south as a kid, most of my formative years were spent in rural Gloucestershire at home or at Rendcomb College. I set out to University to study Electronic Engineering at the University of Birmingham, but rapidly discovered that it wasn’t for me. I went hunting for a course involving multimedia content at Birmingham, but came up empty and ended up moving to De Montfort University in Leicester.

After graduating, and via a story that involves a Citroen 2CV, a pig called Bob and a field in Hampshire, I started working for a Medical E-Learning company initially as an animator.  This progressed into Multimedia Production, filming, editing, media management, dvd production and so on. It was a fascinating and occasionally frustrating job which took me to see some extraordinary things and meet some remarkable people.

In late 2008 I asked to go to 4 days a week so I could chase some of the projects I was interested in (see below) and fortunately, management agreed from the beginning of 2009.  This gave me the time to travel to JPL, work on animating science data,work on the book I’d always wanted to do of MER. Those 52 spare days I had in 2009 set the stage for things to come.

In the fall of 2009 and with a shrinking order book, the firm needed to drop one of its producers, and shortly after that I was offered a role as a Producer in the Visualization Technologies Applications and Development group at NASA’s Jet Proplsion Laboratory.    I moved to Pasadena, CA at the end of April 2010.  For 5 years I was the technical director for the VTAD group, directing content for Eyes on the Solar System, Eyes on the Earth, Eyes on Exoplanets, Spacecraft 3D and Earth Now.

In 2015 I moved to JPL’s OpsLab as a producer on projects using emerging VR tech to improve the efficiency of operating vehicles on planetary surfaces.

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